Musical comedy will be in full bloom with this perennially-popular, award-winning, family musical slated to hit the stage after Ramadan. 

Little Shop of Horrors blends doo-wop, rock, and Motown tunes into a charming and totally-twisted, monster hit. A strange and unusual plant seems like just the thing to save the troubled Skid Row flower shop and its unfortunate employees, Seymour and Audrey. But when that plant turns out to feed on human blood alone with plans of world domination… well, things get messy.

With Grammy and Academy Award-winning songs, you’ll laugh and cringe at this darkly comedic horror musical. Directed by Tim Waddell, with Musical Direction by Bridget Everett.  This production will be auditioning adult actors this month for a production in early April.


  • We are looking for adult performers (18+), and creative team volunteers to handle everything from design to on-the-night stage management.
  • Adult auditions will be held Tuesday February 13th (7.15pm), and Friday February 16th (2pm), with callbacks on Sunday 18th (7pm) and First rehearsal on Tuesday 20th.
  • Rehearsals will commence from Sunday March 3rd and run for 5 weeks.
  • Pre- Production meeting for those keen to join behind the scenes will be on Friday February 16th at 12 noon.
  • Mandatory Tech Weekend week will be April 5/6 2024
  • Performances April 10/11/12/13 at AUS, Sabah Al Salem.


Performances are planned over Eid, April 10 – 13th, 2024


Rehearsals, at our Argan Bedaya studios, will take place on Sunday and Tuesday evenings (7pm – 9pm) and on Friday afternoons from 2pm – 6pm beginning Friday March 3rd. A full schedule of rehearsals will be provided upon casting and you will only be called to rehearsal when needed.

For Ensemble members, commitment will initially be just Friday afternoon rehearsals until a week before the show, when all cast will be required at all rehearsals.

Technical Rehearsal Weekend – for all involved – will be April 5th / 6th.

Please have all calendar conflicts for the rehearsal period available to note on your Audition Form.  If you are unable to make the mandatory Technical rehearsal weekend we will be unable to cast you in this production.


All roles are open for audition (character breakdowns below) as well as places for a singing/dancing ensemble.

Auditions will take place at our rehearsal studio in Sabah Al Salem (click here for a WhatsApp location pin) on the following days:


Tuesday, February 13th: 7.15pm – 9pm

Friday, February 16th: 2pm – 6pm

CALLBACKS: SUNDAY February 18th: 7pm – 9pm

You only need attend one audition (Friday or Sunday) You may be called back on Sunday 18th for a final audition.
PLEASE NOTE: The auditions this month are for Adults (18+) only.

The Drama Studio at Argan Bedaya


Auditionees should arrive for a prompt start at the beginning of the session for an introduction to the show.

You can will be asked to complete an audition form asking about prior experience and if you wish to audition for a principal character or just an ensemble role.

As a group all auditionees will be taught a short section of a vocal track and a movement/dance routine. No prior dance experience or training is necessary. Just bring confidence (and shoes and clothes that will allow you to move!)

Auditionees wanting to audition for principal character roles will be asked to sing up to one minute of a fully memorized song of their choice that best showcases their voice. (Please bring a backing track for your prepared song.) If invited to callbacks on the 20th they will be asked to perform a section of a song from the show. (Please bring a backing track for your prepared song.)

In addition to your prepared song, principal auditionees will be given a few vocal drills to determine vocal range and harmonizing skills.

After vocal and dance, auditionees will be asked to read some short scenes from the script, in duos or groups. (Sides are not available ahead of time.)


ENSEMBLE and minor characters including Customer, Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip
Most ensemble characters require vocal/singing but this show is NOT dance heavy so dance skills are not as important. Co-ordination and movement are required.

The Plant (Audrey II) Male of Female, 18+ 
A non-speaking puppeteer (experience not required) who manipulates various stages of the plant as it gets bigger. Strong physical acting skills and the ability to portray character and emotion purely through movement. Has stamina to operate the large, heavy final puppet. 


Seymour (Lead) Male. 25-35
Shy, a bit clumsy, unsure of himself but does right by his people. Meek. He started life as an orphan on Skid Row, but was taken in by his current boss Mr. Mushnik. Taking care of plants and learning about them are his joy. He is likable and well-meaning, but his naïveté often gets him into sticky situations.  (Strong actor and singer. ) (Call back songs: Grow for Me/Feed Me)

Audrey (Lead)Female. 25-35. 
Kind-hearted, a dreamer. She is stylish and attractive and uses her beauty more as a means of survival. She has a warped sense of self worth from a painful past, but it does not define her.  A life lived in Skid Row has not tarnished her ability to dream a way out of a desperate circumstance. Strong acting and singing; comedic timing skills a plus. (Call back songs: Suddenly Seymour / Somewhere That’s Green)

Mr. Mushnik (Supporting) – Male- 45-65 
A struggling flower shop owner with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Nosy, father figure to Seymour. Brutally honesty and hard on his employees. Profit-driven. Beneath his rough exterior is a man just trying to survive and who truly cares about Seymour and Audrey. Strong character actor with some singing. (Call back song: Mushnik and Sons 

Orin Scrivello (Supporting) Male, 30-40
Audrey’s Dentist boyfriend. He is arrogant, self-satisfied and abusive. Handsome and can light up a room with his toxic charm. Constantly asserting his masculinity and abusing power in attempts to maybe hide his own vulnerability. His sickness lies in deriving pleasure in causing things pain and abusing nitrous oxide.  Strong character actor and singer who can also deliver a bit of a comic edge. (Call back song: Dentist)

Voice of the Plant (Audrey II) Male or Female
Actor/vocalist located offstage.  Larger than life, their voice carries wondrous weight and presence. Foul-mouthed. Smooth, Sweet-talking and street smart. They ooze the rhythm and blues. The Plant is very persuasive and excels at getting what it wants. Strong character actor and singer. Has excellent funky R&B vocal chops.  (Call back song: Feed Me)

Crystal, Ronnette, and Chiffon (The Street Urchins) 3 Females, 18-30
Street-styled girl group with infectious energy and confidence. They are the light and soul of Skid Row who can sing well and know it. They are the no-nonsense driving force of the story; essentially a funky Greek chorus who comment on the action and have the strongest grip on reality. Strong harmony singers with excellent movement skills that can synchronize well within a group. (Call back song: Little Shop of Horrors)


Behind The Scene Magic Makers

It takes a community to put on a show. There are a hundred ways to be involved with a production from design, build and tech to performance night. Whatever skills you have, we can use them and teach you some new ones too!

Come be a part of the team that builds another fantastic SIK musical. Seamstress, painter, prop-maker, technician, whatever you want to try your hand at – we’re ready to have you. The first Pre-Production meet for those keen to get involved behind the scenes will be on Friday 16th February at noon in Studio 2. Production team meetings by department will then happen weekly on Fridays during the rehearsal period.

Send us a message using the form below and let know of you are keen to join the backstage team, and we’ll keep you in the loop for getting involved in all departments.

Keen to get involved?

Let us know you’re coming and we’ll send you an email reminder ahead of the the auditions with location details etc.
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