Get Involved!

SIK is always looking for new volunteers, onstage and off. So why get involved?

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Well, the answer is simple, but powerful. Becoming a thespian, director, stagehand, costumer, prop master or stage manager in an amateur dramatics group has far more intrinsic benefits than you probably ever realised.

Immediate Support and a New Social Network

One of the strongest appeals of amateur dramatics is that you don’t have to necessarily be a fantastic actor, incredible dancer or phenomenal singer to join a group of likeminded theatre-lovers. In fact, most of the people with whom you’ll be working will be much like you regardless of their ages, genders, or home lives—guys and gals who just want the opportunity to whet their performing appetites.

You and your group of acting buddies will have an instant connection, and you’ll soon find yourself with a new set of friends and acquaintances. This type of rapport often forms incredibly strong bonds, and will no doubt increase your social network.

Self-Esteem Boost

Many people gravitate toward the theatre during a low period of their lives. For instance, the recent divorcee needs a change and desires to meet people in a non-threatening environment. The overweight executive wants to be known for something other than his expanding waistline. The awkward teen wants to be a part of a non-judgmental crowd. For those people (and others like them), being on stage and in front of an audience is an amazing self-esteem boost. No longer are they locked into their everyday existences; for an hour or two, they can be someone else. They can essentially live another life, one for which they may even receive accolades from fellow performers and onlookers.

It’s the rare person who does not feel more appreciated and inwardly heartened during and after an amateur dramatics stint. Quite honestly, the majority of individuals feel more confident and self-assured than they were before.

Educational Opportunities Galore

Getting involved in amateur dramatics involves a good amount of studying and “homework”. Whether you’re an actor, director, set designer or costumer, you’ll need to conduct research and attend many rehearsals. You’ll be expected to know the script, the production’s era and similar items intimately. This kind of education will broaden your horizons in ways you might never imagine. Suddenly, history will spring to life. Perhaps you will find yourself investigating a period you never explored before. Or maybe you’ll begin to read more works by the author of the play in which you’ll be appearing.

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This type of self-motivated schooling has no boundaries; not surprisingly, it can become very addictive… in a good way.

Mental Discipline and Teamwork

The notion of teamwork is something that is highly regarded in families and the workplace. And it’s essential among the players of any amateur dramatics troupe. From day one, you’ll have commitments and expectations. True, they might not be too involved or complicated, but they will be important nonetheless. Forget to do something, and the whole production could be affected.

Consequently, most persons involved in amateur dramatics find themselves becoming masters at juggling a number of different projects. They know that to operate as a team, they cannot let anyone down, so they do whatever is needed to support their theatrical brethren.

No More Excuses… It’s Time to Get Started!

The more you put into your theatrical experience, the more advantages you’ll receive. Getting involved in amateur dramatics won’t necessarily change your life, but it certainly has the potential to completely alter your perspective on life.

So take the first step today – and get in touch!