Seussical Audition Dates

It’s set, auditions for Seussical the Musical will be held at the SiK Studio on the following days:

Wednesday March 6th from 6.30pm – 8.30pm (Adult auditionees only)

Friday March 8th from 2.30pm – 5pm (Adult auditionees only)

Saturday March 9th from 11.30 am – 2.30pm (Adults and children)

Saturday March 9th 2.30pm – 5pm – CALL BACKS

Location: The SiK Studio, Fintas

We are looking for all ages, including some kids. There will be a limited children’s chorus as part of Whoville, (if you are a parent with children age 8 – 12 and would like to get involved as a family we would love to see you on Saturday) There are also two small cameo roles for children – Jojo (male) and Roo (female). We are looking for strong acting and good singing voices for these two roles. Please note that there is only one audition for those under 18  – Saturday at 11.30am.

All other character roles are for adult actors, please note the ages below are only a guide. If you can bring energy and character to a part we will build it around you. So come and try out!

Characters up for grabs are:

Character Gender Voice Age Type
The Cat in the Hat male tenor 18 – 35 lead
Horton the Elephant male baritone 25 – 35 lead
JoJo male alto 6 – 12 supporting
Gertrude McFuzz female soprano 22 – 33 supporting
Mayzie La Bird female mezzo 21 – 32 supporting
Sour Kangaroo female soprano 23 – 35 supporting
Roo female soprano 6 – 12 supporting
General Schmitz male baritone 30 – 50 supporting
The Grinch male bass-baritone 25 – 45 supporting
Mr. Mayor male tenor 32 – 45 cameo
Mrs. Mayor female mezzo 30 – 40 cameo
Yertle, the Turtle male bass-baritone 20 – 50 cameo
The Wickersham Bros male 14 – 40 cameo
The Bird Girls female 18 – 35 chorus
Jungle Creatures 14 – 80 chorus
The Whos 5 – 90 chorus

For more detailed information on the characters download this detailed breakdown

Our auditions are always informal and friendly. We are always keen to welcome new faces as well as returning SiK members.

Audition Format:

Please arrive promptly at the start time. You may be finished before the end time, but would like everyone to arrive together at the advertised start time.

1. We will read from the script as a group, switching characters to find roles that suit

2. You will be asked to sing a prepared song and a song from the show (see below). Please bring a prepared song (and a backing track on CD or flash drive) if you are interested in a lead/supporting role. If you are only interested in chorus work then you will only be asked to sing as part of a group in the audition.

3. We will do a simple dance routine as a group to see how well you can pick up choreography. (Don’t worry about this – it will be easy!)

Songs from the show to look at and learn: (Right click and Save Target As to save.)

Male Actors: How Lucky You Are

Female Actors: Amayzing Mayzie

Children: It’s Possible

Click here to download the Lyric Sheet for All Songs

About The Show:

‘Seussical’ is based on the works of Dr. Seuss and weaves together his most famous tales and characters from at least fifteen of his books. The show follows the adventures of Horton, an elephant who one day hears voices coming from a speck of dust. He soon discovers that within this tiny speck exists the smallest planet in the universe! on this tiny planet live a tiny raceof creatures known as Whos. Although ridiculed by the other animals in the Jungle of Nool for believing insomething he cannot see, Horton stubbornly persists in his belief that the Whos exist. Traveling everywhere from the Jungle of Nool to McEligott’s Pool, some of the characters fall in love, some have desperate adventures and some even save the world.