LUNGS by Duncan Macmillan

and W – thirtysomething, educated, thoughtful and a little neurotic – are queuing at a furniture store when he suggests they have a baby. She’s so caught off guard – “It’s like you punched me in the face then asked me a maths question.”  She can’t breathe. They don’t come out with any of the stuff they came in for. But they do come out with a full set of self-assembly dilemmas. If you really care about the planet, if you are a “good” person, is it right to have a child? Particularly when the carbon footprint of that infant will be 10,000 tonnes of CO2?

Duncan Macmillan’s distinctive, off-kilter love story is brutally honest, funny, edgy and current. It gives voice to a generation for whom uncertainty is a way of life through two flawed, but deeply human, people who you don’t always like but start to feel you might love. It’s bravely written, startlingly structured, though-provoking, funny, and moving.

LUNGS features Annemarie Rofail-McCall & Tim Waddell, and is directed by Hassan Al Rawas.