Dance Classes for Kids aged 7 -15

We are thrilled to announce our first set of dance classes for children aged 7 – 15. (For older teens and adult dance classes click here)

This fun and exciting course, led by qualified dance instructor Danielle Richards, will offer your child the opportunity to express themselves through movement and choreography.

Along with exploring creativity, they will develop musicality, coordination, flexibility, dance technique, rhythm, and spatial awareness. Learning to dance also builds a child’s self confidence, performance skills and stage presence. 


Dancing for Fun!

If your child loves to perform, is always on the move, or is looking for a fun, creative outlet – look no further! Staged in Kuwait’s LET’S DANCE class will introduce students to dance styles including Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre and more in a fun and engaging, once-weekly, class.

Course Details

Let’s Dance Classes meet every Wednesday from 5pm – 6pm, starting January 17th.

Location: Argan Bedaya, Blk 1, Sabah Al Salem.

The course is 10 weeks.

Course Fees for the term are just 90KD per student
(Limited places)

For ages 7 – 15y

Dancing for Confidence

Dancing can help promote a child’s self-confidence, creativity, self-expression, and social skills. Research shows that an activity like dancing creates a strong mind-body connection, and promotes coordination, balance, and brain development.

Dancing will keep your child more active and more flexible than the average child. It is easy to build strength at a young age and dancing helps achieve this goal. Strength leads to greater body awareness, dexterity, physical control, and confidence that will yield positive results throughout their childhood.

Dancing for Discipline

Young dancers learn discipline and gain perseverance that will carry them through their adult life. Young dancers build an innate sense of rhythm and musicality skills.

As with all performance training, studying an Arts discipline builds leadership skills and brings out a child’s personality. As a bonus, they will develop friendships with other children who share a common interest.



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