Help keep theatre magical!

It is just a few weeks until Staged in Kuwait Productions bring the exciting, colourful pantomime treat, SNOW WHITE, to the stage of the Performing Arts Centre, TES, Salmiya. The production run is selling out fast, which is wonderful news as it will make for an exciting week for all attending.

This past week we have had a few enquiries about the show’s suitability for very young children and wanted to take this opportunity to update everyone who has booked, or is thinking of booking, to avoid any confusion or disappointment when you attend.

SNOW WHITE is a full length stage show, based on the fairy tale but with lots of music, comedy and magic that make it a show that will be enjoyed by all ages – adults as well as children – but it is not a kids’ show (such as a Barney concert etc.) We ask that all families respect the magic of live theatre by ensuring that those attending are able to sit comfortably through a two hour show.

A number of customers have asked about bringing babies, or those under 4, and we would like to recommend that, as advertised on our website, 4-5 years and above is a suitable age for the production. Young toddlers and babies will not appreciate the performance and can possibly cause a distraction to both the audience members around you, as well as to the performers. To make sure everyone enjoys this magical show to the fullest we wanted to get that information out there so you can make informed choices about who is attending with your party.

We are already looking forward to a magical afternoon/evening of live theatre in December and are sure that you, your families, and friends, will enjoy it too. Pantomime is fun for ages 5 – 95 and is often a child’s first experience of live theatre. But save it until they can truly appreciate it and help us ALL have a great time at the theatre.

As always, many thanks for your support.

Best Regards,

Tim Waddell

Artistic Director
SIK Productions