Scenes from Quarantine !

The SIK Kids have been busy during Lockdown!

We have been trying to keep our drama classes challenging during lockdown and this month SIK Kids presented their first LIVE performance over Zoom to great success. New drama classes for ages 7 – 14 will be announced soon. Sign up here and be the first to hear when a new course launches!

Live THEATRE in Kuwait

Remember the good old days when we could congregate in an auditorium and share a theatrical experience together?! Look back on some of our past productions and reminisce. :)

My Theatre Matters…

With all theatres and rehearsal rooms closed due to the pandemic we are facing a very difficult year. You can help! To make a quick, anonymous, donation (in one click) please select an amount below, or click OTHER AMOUNT to enter your name and details and customize your donation. 

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