Adult Acting Classes

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What is this mysterious craft called ‘Method Acting’?

Is it really the magic behind all great actors? But what is the secret?

Run in partnership with Argan Bedaya, and taught by Argan Bedaya’s Head of Performing Arts and one of the GCC’s leading acting teachers, Alex Broun, this class will explore the four great “acting methods”: Constantin Stanislavski, Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler.

Over the first four weeks of the course one session will be dedicated to exploring each of these four methods. You will learn about all four of these techniques, which are used by many of the world’s leading actors, and most importantly, you will discover which “method” works best for you.

In the second four weeks you will have a chance to use these techniques you have learnt and apply them to stage and screen scenes which you will rehearse with a scene partner.

The course finishes with a showcase where you will present the scenes you have worked on to an invited audience of family and friends.

COURSE SCHEDULE: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

A new course is starting January 17th 2024. REGISTER NOW!


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Suitable for Ages: 18+



Course breakdown:

Week 1: Introduction to Stanislavski

Week 2: Introduction to Meisner

Week 3: Introduction to Lee Strasberg

Week 4: Introduction to Stella Adler

Week 5: Selection of Showcase Scenes

Week 6: Rehearsal of Showcase Scenes

Week 7: Rehearsal of Showcase Scenes

Week 8: Graduating Showcase

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