Adult Drama Classes

Our adult drama curriculum, taught by Dima Alansari, aims to build your acting toolkit for the stage, on-camera, and life!

This semester will be FULL-ON training and strength building for that acting muscle of yours. Monologues, Dialogues, and three to four-person scenes will be performed every week. Each week you will have a new script to dissect, rehearse and perform in front of the class. With each performance, I will give you notes as to what worked and what didn’t. We will end the semester with a public performance of your work!

  • This semester classes will take place every Tuesday from 7-9pm 
  • This class is practical and interactive- you are required to work together as a team.
  • Don’t forget to wear something comfy
  • Bring a water bottle and refill water using our unlimited water supply!

If you have any questions you can use the form below to both sign up or enquire. Class sizes are limited so don’t miss out, sign-up early.

New classes start second week of January 15th 2023. SIGN UP NOW!

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