Adult Drama Classes

Looking to join a fun drama course, where we’ll explore the exciting world of acting and performance! Our course is designed for anyone curious about acting or looking to develop their skills and confidence on stage.

Throughout the course, you’ll learn the basics of acting and explore a range of techniques, from improvisation to script analysis to vocal techniques. You’ll work with experienced instructors who will guide you through each session and help you develop your craft.

Over the course of ten, once weekly, classes, we’ll cover the fundamentals of acting, including the art of listening and responding, character development, and the method acting technique. You’ll also learn about blocking and stage movement, acting for the camera, and vocal techniques.

In our final session, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase what you’ve learned with a final class presentation of scenes and monologues. It’s a chance to celebrate your progress and achievements with your fellow actors and instructors.

Each session will include multiple exercises, discussions, and practical applications. Opportunities to build your confidence, hone your skills and learn about the basic acting methodologies and practices in a supportive and fun environment.

Whether you’re new to acting or looking to develop your skills, our drama course is the perfect place to start. We welcome actors of all levels and backgrounds, and we look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals!


Session 1: Introduction to Drama

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Overview of the course and what to expect
  • Icebreaker activities to build group dynamics

Session 2: The Basics of Acting

  • The art of listening and responding
  • Learning how to observe and mimic emotions and body language
  • Practical exercises in character development and expression

Session 3: Improvisation Techniques

  • The fundamentals of improvisation
  • Practice improvising with different scenarios and scenarios

Session 4: The Method Acting Technique

  • Introduction to the method acting technique
  • Practical exercises and how to use personal experiences in acting

Session 5: Building Your Character

  • Understanding your character’s background
  • Using physicality and posture to convey character traits

Session 6: Script Analysis

  • Understanding how to interpret a script
  • Analyzing characters and their relationships

Session 7: Vocal Techniques

  • Developing proper breath support and control
  • Learning how to use pitch, tone, and inflection to convey emotions

Session 8: Stage Blocking

  • The fundamentals of blocking and stage movement
  • How to work with your fellow actors on stage

Session 9: Acting for Camera

  • The differences between stage and screen acting
  • How to act for the camera and present yourself on screen

Session 10: Showcase Performance

  • Final class presentation of scenes and monologues
  • Celebrate the progress and achievements made throughout the course


Classes meet weekly at our rehearsal studio in Fintas. Course fees are 100KD per term.

For more information or to sign up please register below and we will be in touch with start dates and full information.

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