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At SIK our children’s drama classes combines theater games, improv, costume play, and character creation with music and theater related art projects. Students form their own “theatre company” for the term, write scenes, and short plays with their director, learn songs and dance, and are introduced to different styles of theater through engaging games. Our kids classes take place on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons depending on the child’s age and choice of studio location.

We believe in building performers not egos, turning show-offs into show-ready actors, and nurturing the performer in all children regardless of their natural talent. Our classes are designed to instill a passion for the Arts along with the discipline required to be a good performer. Along the way we build confidence, vocal tehnique, and movement skills, and stress the importance of being able to work as part of a team.

Please Note – SIK Kids drama classes are not rehearsals for, or focused on building, a specific show. We want your investment in your child’s education to be fully realized, and when rehearsing a show children will spend more time sitting, waiting for their ‘moment’ than being involved. Our classes are all inclusive, engaging, activity based, skill building sessions.

From January 2019 we will be offering classes from our Adan and Salwa studios. Tim Waddell, SIK’s Artistic Director, will continue to lead the Adan classes, and Ms Carly Stark will lead the Salwa classes.

You can join the waiting list for the January 2019 term now. 
As we are committed to small, focused, class sizes our register for each term fills up fast. Please complete the form below (no commitment) and we will contact you as soon as we start building class lists for the new term.


Classes are split into the following age groups/days:*

  • Ages 5-6  yrs
    • Tuesdays 4pm – 5.30pm in Salwa only
  • Ages 7-8   yrs
    • Mondays 5pm – 6.30pm in Adan  OR
    • Sundays 5pm – 6.30pm in Salwa
  • Ages 9 – 11 yrs
    • Tuesdays 5pm – 6.30pm in Adan OR 
    • Wednesdays 5pm – 6.30pm in Salwa OR 
    • Mondays 5pm – 6.30pm in Salwa
  • Ages 12 – 15 yrs 
    • Wednesdays 5pm – 6.30pm in Adan only


Students will work on unique short sketches with their teacher. They will incorporate comedic elements as they develop a monologue and short form scene dialogue writing. The major focus of this class is for students to develop their sketch and explore an actor’s creative workshop rehearsal process.


Students will develop an original short play with their director, selecting the style and genre for their piece and contribute to story structure, key plot elements, character and dialogue. The major focus of this class is for students to develop their play and explore an actor’s creative workshop rehearsal process.


Students will be challenged to develop strong, confident speaking voices and be led through excercises in body language to help them deliver confident performances.


An introduction to musical theater performance. Students will be cast in musical numbers from classic and contemporary works of the Broadway stage. They will get to experience what it is like to bring a song to life through choreography, vocal arrangements, staging and character development. Students will be an integral part of ensemble numbers, while also having opportunities to learn and perform solo moments. Students who show promise and dedication may be offered parts in the SIK end of season Musical.


As well as learning about the tools of the actor and the other roles involved in theatre production, students will be introduced to different genres of theatre and get to know an array of different styles of performance.

  • Classes are 85Kd per term, per student.

  • Discounts for multiple students from the same family are 10% for the second child, and 15% for each additional child from the same family.

  • Places are limited and are strictly offered on a first come first serve basis.

  • Places are only guaranteed upon payment of term fees which are due before the first session for new students.