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Forget dating apps - we'd like to just go ahead ask you out. How does a night of Improv Comedy sound?

Yes, this Valentine's weekend The IMPROVengers are taking you out. They promise to tell you that you 'don't look fat in that', and listen attentively to all YOUR suggestions - so they can use them to create a magical evening that puts a smile on your face.

"WE'RE ALL ALONE TOGETHER" will turn Valentine's on its head and take your Golden Seed from conception to Adulthood - with your consent of course!

So, do we have a date? Yes! It's February 15th at 7.45pm at the Performing Arts Centre, American United School, Sabah Al Salem.

Please don't stand us up! It's going to be a right giggle.

Tickets are available now from Book your favorites online now. (Secure online checkout with TAP Payments.)

All our Love,


PS: We would offer to pay for your ticket but don't want to appear misogynistic. Love you!

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