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Staged in Kuwait is the country’s busiest community theatre company, producing annual seasons of plays, musicals, concerts, pantomimes, comedy shows, and more.  All our performers and crew are community volunteers with a passion for live entertainment. Come join us this season – onstage, backstage, or from the audience – and add a little theatre MAGIC to your life in Kuwait

Welcome Lunch – Season 13
Welcome Lunch – Season 13

Welcome Lunch – Season 13

Find out all the ways to get involved with Staged in Kuwait this season at our annual Welcome Lunch. Come meet the team on Friday September 6th, connect with the Performing Arts community, and hear everything we have planned for the new season. We can't wait to see you. RSVP here!

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Getting involved onstage or backstage in one of our productions is completely free. Just keep an eye on our social media @stagedinkuwait and come along when we advertise auditions. Our free, community-theatre program is supported by a selection of optional paid drama, and performance training, classes for children and adults of all ages.

 Check out our classes below:

Classes for Kids

Musical Theatre Performance

The ultimate program for keen theatre kids, aged 7-15. This twice-weekly class is the hot ticket for students who want to work hard, rehearse passionately, and shine on stage.

Youth Choir

Foster your child’s musical talents and teamwork skills in our Youth Choir, where they will learn vocal techniques, harmony, and performance skills, preparing them for joyful and harmonious performances.

Kids Dance Fit

Empower your child with a love of Dance with our once-weekly dance fitness classes, designed to improve coordination, musicality, creative expression, and overall fitness.


Unlock your child’s potential with our once-weekly drama classes, designed to build essential life skills through the performing arts.

Classes For Adults

Adult Dance

Join us once a week for an up-tempo, hugely entertaining, dance class good for your body, mind and spirit!

Acting for Adults

Whether you’re new to the stage or looking to enhance your skills, our Adult Acting classes offer a supportive environment to explore your creativity and craft. 

Improv Classes

Whether you’re a seasoned performer or a newcomer to the art, mastering improv can help you embrace spontaneity and excel both on stage and in your daily life.