Screen-Writing Course

Get Your First Draft Out!

In this fun and interactive class writers, of all levels, will have a chance to explore in-depth all facets of writing for the screen including creating powerful images, writing believable characters, story structure, rhythm, pacing, dialogue and action.   

Using examples from successful films and screenplays the course will explore in depth the techniques to bring your story to life on film as vividly as possible. By the end of the course writers will have completed a first draft of their own short screenplay or developed a feature-length work. 


The course will be run by award-winning screenwriter, and Head of Performing Arts at Argan Bedaya, Alex Broun. 


When:  Sundays from January 14th till March 3rd, 2024  

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM  

Price: 95 KD for the 8 sessions 

Location: Tutorial Amphitheatre 

Language: English  

Instructor: Alex Broun 


Week 1: What is screen writing? An overview.

Week 2: How to tell a story: The Three-Act Structure and the Hero’s Journey

Week 3: Pitching your story

Week 4: How to develop fascinating characters and write great dialogue

Week 5: Obstacles and complications: the twists and turns that make your screen play interesting

Week 6: Beginning to write… The “vomit draft” and other adventures

Week 7: Keep going – tricks to avoid writer’s block and getting stuck

Week 8: Table read of your first draft by some great local actors

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