Improv Comedy Classes

Improvisation is great skill to master but can be challenging even for confident performers.

Come and learn how to become a better improviser and earn your place on our performance team this season. Our Improv Class meets every Wednesday night from 7.15pm – 9pm and costs 40KD per month. At the end of the course Selected students will earn a place in our performance squad, The IMPROVengers.

Over an eight week Improv course, we walk you through the basics of, or develop, the building improv scenes.

The course covers the following key areas:

  1. OPENERS – Tips and tricks for starting an engaging scene.
  2. YES AND… – Listening and Responding.
  3. PLAYING REALITY – Learning not to be funny!
  4. LISTENING – Getting out of your head.
  5. ESCALATION – Building a scene that goes somewhere.
  6. PHYSICALITY – Using actions to create environment.
  7. CHARACTER – Fleshing out your improv creations. Voice and Body work.
  8. SINGING & SOUND EFFECTS – Adding to your Improv Toolkit

Along the way, improvisers will be introduced to a range of performance games essential for all good improvisers, and encouraged to take on the challenge of joining us onstage in a show (not required!)

At the end of the course, strong students may be offered places in the SIK Improvengers performance team, and gain access to free Improv meets/rehearsals for the year!

Classes restart on January 12th 2022. For more information, or to sign up, please use the form below.

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