Over the past few days we have had many questions about our new payment gateway. Is it secure? How does it work? Can I trust it? Is it easy?

Below we have collected together our answers to try and help you understand why we have chosen this system and why we are confident that it is as safe and solid a solution as anything else you are currently using in Kuwait.

In short, NEXT PAY is an e-wallet that holds funds for you allowing you to pay from your mobile or tablet.

  • You charge funds to the app using KNET, a secure gateway that we have all come to trust online and off in Kuwait.
  • Your card details are ONLY shared with KNET and not stored in the app or by NEXT Pay.
  • You then make payment to SIK  via the online payment gateway connected to our box office system.

Why can’t I pay with cash?

Cash payment on the night of the show slows down getting our audience in for the performance and delays start times. It also means that we end up with uncollected seats that we could have resold.

You can still pay cash if you are prepared to make an extra trip, within 48 hours of booking, to deliver cash to our rehearsal studio in Fintas.

We know that time is valuable and believe that an online payment solution is better for all of us.

I don’t trust these things. How do I know the transaction is secure?

NEXT Pay acts as a E-Wallet. You fill it with funds, via KNET, and then pay from those funds to us.

If you have ever used your KNET card in Kuwait then the security is exactly the same here. It is the KNET site that processes the transaction to add funds to your NEXT Pay wallet.

Once the funds are in your wallet the payment to us is a straightforward balance transfer. No bank or card information is stored or used.

I don’t trust money apps on my phone. What if I lose my phone?

The NEXT Pay app is effectively an E-wallet app.

You only need fill it with credit (from KNET) when you want to use it to pay. You do not need to have any cash left in your wallet after the transaction.

No card or bank details are stored in the Next Pay app.

For example to pay us 15KD you first charge 15 KD credit into the service using the regular, secure KNET gateway. You then use those funds to transfer credit of 15KD to SIK at the end of our checkout procedure

NO bank details are stored in the app or by us.

Whats more, the app is user/password protected and so even if you lose your phone and had credit still available in your Next pay account you can simply download the app on a new device and log in with your account details to recover the amount.

Any funds in Next Pay wallet are linked to your user account – not the device.

Why cant I just pay you via KNET on your website?

To offer KNET payments on our website we require a business license and under the terms of Kuwait labour law we do not qualify for such as we are a not a ‘company’ but an organization. A community theatre group.

NEXT Pay allows us to utilize the ease of KNET because you are making a legal, secure KNET transaction to NEXT Pay, and then forwarding the funds from them to us through the app.

Why cant I use PayPal?

Paypal accounts in Kuwait are not able to withdraw funds to local bank accounts and to stage shows we need to spend dinars here in Kuwait.

Your ticket money finances our productions and with Next Pay the ticket money arrives in our local bank account within 24 hours of you paying.


How will I get my tickets?”

Your tickets will be delivered by email once payment is complete.

E-ticket delivery is usually within minutes but if our Box office volunteer is away from the Box Office computer when s/he provides you with a Next Pay code, it may take longer. Within 24 hours you will certainly have your e-tickets.

In the event the etickets do not turn up please call us on 99873586 or email us.

Is there a minimum balance required?” There is no minimum balance needed on your Next Pay app. You can credit any full dinar amount into the app via KNET. (from 1kd to 500kd)

To pay 15KD to SIK, first credit/recharge the app with 15kd credit using your KNET card. (a secure online transaction handled within the app)

Once you have 15KD credit on the app request a code from SIK, enter it into app and your 15KD credit will be transferred to us.

Your app balance can now remain at 0kd until next time you want to pay us. [/learn_more]

What information do I need to give to sign up?” The app only requires your name, email and civil ID in order to register. This information is used to ensure system security and integrity and to ensure that it cannot be used for illegal activity.

If you don’t have a  Civil ID you can enter twelve 1’s (111111111111) and the system will accept it.

Your bank details are never shared with, or stored by the app. Next Pay is basically an E-Wallet that takes credit from a KNET payment and stores it to allow you to make fast, easy payment to vendors such as us from your mobile phone.

Will I be bombarded with marketing messages after sign up?

NEXT Pay makes its money by charging us (not you) a transaction fee. Your contact data is only used to legitimize the service and will not be used or resold for marketing purposes.

What if my card details intercepted and used without my permission?

NEXT Pay does not ever request your card details or bank account details. You only enter your card details when crediting the app with funds and this information is provided direct to KNET in the same way as any online/offline transaction using your KNET card in Kuwait.

You are not sharing your bank details with any new companies. Next Pay is effectively just an e-wallet for the credit you charged to it by KNET. NEXT Pay simply holds the money as a middle man until you forward it to us with a payment code.

Are there any fees and charges?

The only fee that NEXT Pay charges you is 100 fils if you are adding less than 25KD of credit via KNET.

If you want to pay us 15kd and make a KNET transaction for 15KD you will be charged KD15.100.

If you charge 25KD or more there is no fee.

We pay a transaction fee for every payment – not YOU!

You can only credit the app with full dinar amounts. So if your invoice is 7.5KD you will need to recharge/credit the app with a minimum of 8KD as the app only allows full dinar amounts to be added. However, the remaining balance will remain as credit on your account after you make the payment to us.

For example:

  • You want to pay just 7.5KD
  • Recharge/Credit the app via KNET with 8KD (KNET transaction will be KD8.100 as the credit amount is less than 25KD)
  • Your Next Pay app will show Credit 8KD
  • Enter the payment code provided from SIK and KD 7.500 will be deducted from your credit.
  • Your NEXT Pay app balance will now be 0.500KD

Your outstanding credit balance can be used with us or any of the many retailers that accept NEXT Pay. Think of NEXT Pay as a wallet on your phone or a payment device


More Questions?

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.